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Don’t have enough space in your home? Overwhelmed by the space you live in making it unenjoyable, uncomfortable and cluttered? Wasting time trying to find items in your home as and when you need them?

Working long hours gives you little or no time, motivation or energy to address these areas of your home, your place of peace. We take you on a journey from chaos to clarity by decluttering, organising and styling areas you’ve been itching to get sorted. All our services are bespoke to you, your home and your goals making sure we achieve the results you have been longing for.

Chloe Jessamy

About the Founder

Hi, I’m Chloe Jessamy, the proud founder of Clutter Cutdown, a bespoke professional organising and decluttering service based in London.  You are here because you are considering the idea of investing in a professional organisers skills set. You probably have a number of questions but the one that sticks out right now is, how am I different from all the other pages you visited today?

Home Clutter Countdown
Home Clutter Countdown

Luxury Service

Organising & Decluttering Services

We offer a range of services from decluttering to organising and re-arranging. Explore some of our most popular services to date.

Organised Spaces

You may have already decluttered but now you want to get organised with beautiful storage solutions and systems for your home. From your whole room to one specific space like your dressing table we can assist. 

Home Staging

Create that perfect first impression whether you are selling a family home, renting out a house in multiple occupation (HMO) or letting serviced apartment or trying to attract interest in any other kind of property. 

Home Office Setup

More and more businesses are adopting the hybrid way of working which means a home office is becoming the new essential. We work with you to create a unique space to aid your productivity and style.

Wardrobe Cleanse

Do you always struggle to find your favourite item simply because you have no clue where it is. Uninspired every time you visit your wardrobe or dressing table? I can eliminate so many of these problems.

Rearrange & Style

Reignite your love for your home by re-arranging and styling your room . By using what you have and introducing new accessories, you can give your space a whole new ;lease of life, feel and meaning.

Moving Home

Not only does Clutter Cutdown help you before you make the move, but we can also attend the new property and provide assistance organising your possessions using the blank canvas of the empty space.

Home Clutter Countdown

The Process 

How Does It Work?

The first step is a consultation. Once we have made an assessment of your storage systems and the level of clutter in your life, we come up with a plan to reduce the unnecessary possessions taking up room.

We provide tips on the best ways to dispose of the clutter too. Once this process is complete, your professional organiser will set in place some systems and processes for implementing organisation in your home, along with innovative and effective storage solutions that fit perfectly into your individual property.

Our Client Reviews

What Our Clients Have to Say

We like to let our clients do the talking. Here are some short client reviews highlighting experiences and results after working with Clutter Cutdown.

I really hate mess but am a busy somewhat disorganised person so somehow my flat was always messy despite having a cleaner who visited every two weeks. I never seems to be able to find things which was a real headache!

So I called Clutter Cutdown to help me to clear excess clutter and establish and order and system.

As soon as I engaged the team, they started with a bang. They had really clever ideas for the colour schemes, storage and room arrangements and really helped me buy lots of attractive, practical and affordable items – adding these to a spreadsheet so admin was kept to a minimum. They were also fantastic at assembling and sorting everything; mainly left them to it as they were really hands on self managing.

The flat now seems so different. Not only is is a more attractive, clearer place to live but everything has its place so it’s much easier to keep tidy and i feel far less stressed that I did before.

Chloe and the team were truly amazing, very professional, friendly, helpful and hard working.

I’d highly recommend them. Thanks for your help ladies.”

Nathalie, Thamesmead.

I highly recommend Chloe. She offers a professional service with a problem-solving attitude towards anything thrown her way. Not only that she is very punctual.

Clive A, Kingston

Such an amazing service for people like myself who freeze when it’s time to tackle mess hiding within cupboards, wardrobes etc.

Shanay, West London

After moving to the UK and then into a new flat I needed help with getting organised. Chloe did exactly that! She was a pleasure to be around and communicated well. The results are amazing. I don’t think I have ever felt so organised.

Marc J, Epsom

Home Clutter Countdown

Our Portfolio

Some of Our Work

Home Clutter Countdown
Home Clutter Countdown
Home Clutter Countdown
Home Clutter Countdown
Home Clutter Countdown
Home Clutter Countdown

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