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So Much to DO. So Little Time. That’s Where We come In!
Do you feel like you don’t have enough space in your home? Overwhelmed by the space you live in making it unenjoyable, uncomfortable and cluttered? Wasting time trying to find items in your home as and when you need them?

Working long hours gives you little or no time, motivation or energy to address these areas of your home, your place of peace. We take you on a journey from chaos to clarity by organising, decluttering and styling areas you’ve been itching to get sorted. All our services are bespoke to you, your home and your goals making sure we achieve the results you have been longing for.

Decluttering Checklist Bundle Clutter Countdown

what do I need to 

Declutter my home?

Keeping it simple is the key to getting started. All that you need before you get started is a couple of collection boxes to hold items that you no longer need or need to be relocated. You will also need a couple of black bags to hand for anything that you are getting rid of.  Now all you need to do is print our checklists, choose a room to start with and then work your way around the room. The challenge here is to pinpoint items that you can eliminate from you home. You can work in clockwork direction around the room or work top to bottom which ever works best for you.

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What’s inside

  • Living Room declutter checklist
  • Bedroom declutter checklist
  • Kitchen declutter checklist
  • Bathroom declutter checklist
  • Closet declutter checklist
  • Office declutter checklist
Decluttering Checklist Bundle Clutter Countdown

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Declutter Checklist Bundle

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