the ability to focus is paramount 


Digital Organisation

For busy, time-poor professionals for whom the ability to focus is paramount. 

Digital organisation allows you to work more efficiently, helps your household run more effectively and aids you in keeping what is most important close at hand. It connects you with deadlines and due dates, ensures you can find the latest contracts and reports instantly and helps you prioritise and respond to the most important emails in your inbox first.

Whether you require digital organisation for work or for the home, Clutter Cutdown will produce a tailor-made action plan to eradicate the clutter from your computer and implement strategies that will allow you to maintain a streamlined system going forward.

Discretion and confidentiality are at the forefront of everything that Clutter Cutdown does. You can be sure of complete privacy when we work with you to organise your digital work and home life.

    Digital Organisation Clutter Countdown
    Digital Organisation Clutter Countdown

    Some of the digital organisation services we offer include: 

    Email Management – We can help you implement automation to filter emails into various levels of priority, or simply provide you with the tools to manually file communications into relevant collections.

    Computer Filing Systems – As with a physical filing system, your digital version needs to be easy to use and must work for you. Through labelling systems, best practice with downloads and archiving, as well as other tried and tested tactics, we can save you time every single day.

    Document Back-Ups – We can set up a system to back-up important documents to ensure you do not lose them in the event of any issues with your computer. You can also use cloud storage as a way of taking archived projects from your harddrive.

    Desktop Streamlining – We will work with you to ensure your computer desktops features easy access to those applications that you need the most and not those that unnecessarily take up time. Every client’s needs are different from each other and we will find the solution that is unique for you.

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