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Once you have decided you want to free yourself of clutter and provide yourself with a relaxing sanctuary away from the rigors of everyday life, the process is refreshingly simple. In just four steps we can unlock the potential in your home, lift the stress of clutter from your shoulders and save you valuable time too.

When you contact us about our personal organiser services, this is what happens:

The Consultation

We arrange a consultation, which can take place in your home or via video chat. You show us what you want help with and tell us as much about the job as possible. Why do you want to declutter, do you have a deadline such as a house move or a visit from family, and what do you envision the space to look like in the future?

Every consultation is entirely private and we pride ourselves on providing a discreet service for all of our clients. Your security and comfort are of prime importance to us, and that forms the basis of every project we carry out.

The Roadmap

Based on our consultation, we formulate a roadmap for moving forward and achieving your wishes. Your end goal informs this step completely and we create a timeline that gives us the perfect structure to complete the tasks at hand so that they exceed your expectations.

You can rest assured that preparations for the decluttering process are well underway and your professional organiser is working hard to transform both your property and your life.

The Decluttering

On the arranged date, we arrive and set to work decluttering your home. This could be a single day’s task or a whole week of work, but no matter what the task at hand, we work efficiently and ensure that we support you through the process that will benefit you in a number of ways.

Following your decluttering, you will save time when searching for the items that you need. The stress of living with clutter is relieved, your thinking becomes more clear and your property feels more relaxing and homely. You might even feel euphoric once the process is complete like a weight has been lifted from your mind.

The Future

Not only do we complete your decluttering tasks to benefit you in the present, we also put into place systems that help you keep on top of it going forwards. These tips and tricks will allow you to gently shift the way you live and help you keep on top of the new look and feel of your home. 

How exactly can a professional organiser help me?
A professional organiser can organise the areas of your home that are cluttered, have no space, lack of systems or order. Getting to understand how you use your space allows us to create a simple and effective solution. Decluttering is the removal of unwanted, unused items from your home. A good declutter can be a great solution before implementing organisation, this way clutter remains a thing of the past.
What areas do you cover?

We cover London and surrounding areas but are open to discussing locations outside of this (terms will apply).

Will pictures be taken of my home? How will these be used?
Photos and videos will be taken throughout to highlight the before and after and overall progress. I do like to use these photos for marketing purposes and for my portfolio but will not use them without your consent.

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