First Impressions mean everything



Show off your rental or sale property in the best possible light with home staging in London


Property Staging

If you are in the property industry, we offer home staging in London as a service. Clutter Cutdown helps you transform living spaces into inviting, well-designed areas that potential buyers or renters will love.

Our London home staging team specialises in maximising the potential of every room in your home. By strategically arranging furniture, adding tasteful decor, and creating functional spaces, we can help your property shine in a way that will appeal to a wide range of buyers or renters.

Create that perfect first impression whether you are selling a family home, renting out a house in multiple occupation (HMO) or letting serviced apartment or trying to attract interest in any other kind of property. This is why our home staging in London will help you create the biggest possible return on investment, capturing the attention of your target audience with a stunning look that leaps out from the other properties on the market.


We’ll begin with a consultation to assess your property and determine the best course of action to showcase it in the most favourable light to people out there looking for somewhere just like that which you have on offer.

Clear the Clutter

Before staging can begin, it’s essential to clear out any excess clutter that might distract from the beauty of your property. Our team can help you declutter your living spaces so that your home feels spacious, airy, and inviting.


Tailored Approach

Sometimes this involves tweaking the current style, on other occasions it might require a brand new look to make the most of the space. It entirely depends on the specific property that you have on offer and that is why we tailor our approach to that particular property.


If your home is sparsely furnished, or your current furniture doesn’t show your home’s potential, we can help you source the perfect pieces to showcase each room’s potential.Whether you hire or buy the home staging furniture is up to you. We will work with you to make sure this service works for you and provides you with the result that you desire.

Staging for HMOs

If you rent out houses in multiple occupation, you want to show your potential tenants what life will be like for them when they move into one of the rooms. We help you stage your HMO so that they can see that you are offering all of the necessary items for them to live comfortably, both in their room and the communal areas.

Serviced Apartments

Your apartment has to stand out from the crowd and we help make sure that it pops in the advertising that you put out. Your target renters want to see that everything is taken care of, down to the fine details. We help you create the visuals that increase the number of viewings, provide the right quality of applicant and allow you to receive the top market rate.

Preperation is key

Preparing your property for sale?

  • Declutter and let go of the items that are no longer used or wanted to save costs on your transport.

  • First impression means everything. Give your home the best chance by looking it’s best. You want to attract buyers.

  • We can support with sourcing what you need, from furnishing, to suppliers and trades.

  • Help to pack your belongings for the move and ensure everything is safely packed and clearly labelled by room and contents.

  • Unpacking your items after a move can feel overwhelming. We can provide hands on assistance to reduce the stress we know occurs. Let us help unpack and organise your belongings so you can truly call this your ‘home’.

Home Staging Clutter Countdown

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