We Won! Best Professional Organising and Decluttering Service

by | Mar 4, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Clutter Cutdown has won a prestigious award for our professional organising and decluttering work in the London area.

The fact that this is still such a young business, going up against a host of big names makes this an unbelievable victory, but one that we have worked so hard to achieve. Corporate LiveWire, the business news organisation look for “businesses that are extremely successful and hard working on a local level” they have declared Clutter Cutdown has done just that in the incredibly competitive London region.

To be ranked as the best professional organiser and declutterer in the UK’s capital is a dream come true and makes us want to work even harder to build on this fantastic start.

We Won! Best Professional Organising and Decluttering Service Clutter Countdown

What Happened?

We found out that we were nominated for this year’s category of Organising & Decluttering Service of the Year! Following that, we received a phone call a few weeks back to tell us that we had been chosen by a panel of judges to be named the official winner.

These awards are so meaningful because they are produced and judged by top industry insiders who know their way around a business. These are people who deal with top companies on a day to day basis and for them to announce that Clutter Cutdown is the best of its kind in London is a powerful statement to make.

Corporate LiveWire has been running awards for 16 years on a national and international basis, before setting up the regional Prestige Awards in 2018. These provide an opportunity to take an indepth look at the best businesses in each area around the country and to highlight those companies that are innovating, pushing the boundaries and doing things their own way.

They look at elements such as quality, efficiency and delivery of the service the companies provide. Other factors that sway the decision are service excellence, industry recognition, employee satisfaction, marketing and branding, ethical practice and the all-important customer feedback.

You can see why we are extremely proud to have shone using this criteria!

What Happens Next?

Well, of course Covid restrictions will play a part in what happens next. There is usually a big awards evening, but obviously that is touch and go at the moment. We find out in April or May when and where the awards will be held, and hopefully the state of play at the time will allow a physical event that we can get all dressed up and celebrate in style. It has been a while!

However, whatever happens with the awards night, Clutter Cutdown will feature in the Corporate LiveWire London & South England Business Magazine which will feature the full details of our win. This will be distributed to half a million online subscribers and 30,000 physical copies will go to businesses around the London area. Not only is this great exposure for our business, but it is exposure to the sorts of people who rely on Clutter Cutdown’s professional organising and decluttering services.

We Won! Best Professional Organising and Decluttering Service Clutter Countdown

Work With London’s Best Organising and Decluttering Service

Whatever you need organising in your life, Clutter Cutdown is here for you. We come to your home or office for a consultation to work out where you are currently and where you want to be. We then tell you exactly how we will get you to your ideal decluttered position. If you want to book a consultation, visit the Get Started page right now to work with officially the best professional organiser & declutterer in London.

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