What is a Professional Organiser

It is not unusual for people to ask, ‘what is a professional organiser?’ when I tell them what I do. It is still a reasonably new concept in the UK, but it is a service that could help millions of people improve their quality of life. Put simply, a professional organiser helps create space in your home, implements order and sets systems in place to help turn it from a cluttered, chaotic space into an oasis of calm.

There are so many time-poor professionals who could do with a helping hand around the home, but who have no idea of where to start with streamlining and decluttering. Add into the mix the fact that modern life is extremely tiring, and the last thing you want to do after a busy day at work is to throw yourself into some major organisational project.

So, what is a professional organiser? Let’s find out.

What does a Professional Organiser do for their clients?

A professional organiser comes into your home and discovers how you use your space. Once they have made an assessment of your storage systems and the level of clutter in your life, they come up with a plan to reduce the unnecessary possessions taking up room. They can provide tips on the best ways to dispose of the clutter too. Once this process is complete, your professional organiser will set in place some systems and processes for implementing organisation in your home, along with innovative and effective storage solutions that fit perfectly into your individual property.

If there is a simple answer to the question ‘what does a professional organiser do for their clients?’, I would say my job is to bring peace of mind, make a home feel more relaxing and also make the most of the space that you have. You have more space to work with than you think, but clutter makes everything feel more cramped than it actually is. 

You will never look back once you realise how much easier and less stressful life is when your home is ordered and organised. It can help you choose your outfits more easily, find your car keys more quickly, uncover important paperwork straight away among other numerous advantages. Contact me today to chat about how I can help you achieve all of these amazing benefits in your home as well.


Professional Organisers Services?

In general, my professional organiser services fall into two categories. I can transform your wardrobe and dressing area, as well as streamlining your home office. In addition, I can also advise on home styling, aid you with preparations for moving home, and help with decluttering, either by visiting your home or virtually on a video call.

When your wardrobe is filled with clothes that no longer fit you or that you don’t wear but can’t part with, it makes it difficult to choose that perfect outfit for the day. Browsing through garments you will not consider wearing takes up time and can set off the day on the wrong foot. I can help you streamline your wardrobe and to create a system that keeps it organised. In addition, I will advise you on storage solutions for shoes, jewellery, accessories and make-up too.

For home offices, I can organise your paperwork, keeping personal and business documents in separate places. I will also declutter your desk space to provide more clarity for your working day. This can help fuel your motivation and productivity.

If you need help with filing systems or a way of organising stationery, these are both professional organiser services that I provide. I can also tackle commercial offices if you need help in that arena.

Professional Organising fee’s

My professional organiser fees range from £50 for an hour, with discounts available for booking in multiple sessions. In addition, you can book half a day from £135 or a full day from £270. These professional organiser fees are dependent on terms and conditions,  I will talk through the charges with you at our consultation. 

If you like what you hear, don’t hesitate to contact me today and book in an initial meeting where I can start to formulate the bespoke solution that will bring calm and relaxation to your home.


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